Cheap Fulfilment

Cheap Fulfilment

Who are you?

We are a UK based fulfilment house, based in the midlands, our central location ensures 24 hour coverage of the UK and beyond

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes from our UK base we cover the whole of the UK, EU and worldwide with simple pricing per order for both UK and International fulfilment services.

How are you so cheap?

Discount fulfilment is all we do, Cheap Fulfilment can offer you some amazing discount order fulfillment anywhere in the world. By restricting what products we ship for our customers, our model ensures an efficient and speedy process which leads to lower pricing for our customers.

What’s the catch?

No catch we just ask that our customers ship a minimum of 100 orders per month with us and all their products are less than 2kg packed weight, that’s all.

Does Cheap mean Nasty?

Not at all, we pride ourselves on our customer service, we have a dedicated team to deal with any order problems by phone, email and live chat. We also have a completely free state of the art control panel where you can view all your orders, Inventory, stock and returns.

What are the hidden costs?

None whatsoever, we are up front with all of our quotes, you can view your balance and all costs in our easy to use customer control panel.